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OctoFit at a glance

  • Platform Size 24″H x 24″L x 6.9″ H
  • Platform Anchor Feature
  • 360 Degree Rotation
  • Non-Slip Recycled Rubber Surface
  • Anywhere Hand Placement Comfort
  • 18 Resistance and Anchor Points
  • Stackable Platform Stabilizer (Riser)
    • Stabilizes the OctoFit Platform for multipurpose use
    • Adjusts the balance and stability on the OctoFit Platform
    • Converts Octofit Platform into an aerobics & sports performance bench
    • OctoFit Platform stabilizer (riser) stacks safely and neatly eliminating the need for a rack
  • Interchangeable/Adjustable reciprocal hard dome
  • Interchangeable/Adjustable modular soft dome

Intelligent Design


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